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Atlanta, Georgia Data Center

PCM’s fully managed solutions customized to meet individual customer’s business and technology requirements.

  • Portfolio of fully and partially Managed Hosting environments available
  • Ability to extend services to customer’s premises or other data centers allowing customers to minimize investment and maintain partial or full control of IT infrastructure
  • Location offset but easily accessible
  • Enable diverse, redundant network access for Public Internet and private* network connections
  • Ensure fast provisioning for clients needing space, power, and network access
  • Solutions powered by engineering, technical and customer service expertise
  • Designed to exceed key TIA-942 specifications; including power density of 210W/sq ft | 8kW rack or greater

Structure and Facilities

  • Gated and fenced campus with limited access
  • Reinforced roof to withstand 180mph winds
  • FM200 whole room fire suppression system
  • Highly limited access to data center rooms secured operating environment
  • 3rd party remote witness monitoring of key security, fire, environmental and power systems
  • Security cameras monitor critical Infrastructure and personnel

Power and Environmental

  • Georgia Power direct power service, 3-phase service
  • SMDO diesel generators
    1. 2,500 gallons in tanks
    2. Contracted 24/7 refill and on-site alternate distribution tank
    3. Cellular monitoring system
  • Asco 50ms ATS Automatic Power Synch and Transfer System
    1. Weekly auto-cycle
    2. Automated load tests
  • APC Infrastructure System
    1. Dual UPS, Distribution and PDU all monitored
    2. APC In-Line Cooling System, sensor based for optimal rack c. temperature control
  • Two Chilled water plants with sealed water return system, environmentally friendly
N+1 Stand-by Power Generation
  • 400kva/500kva diesel 3-phase 480V generators
  • 1,000 gallon onboard tanks / refill while running
  • Automated load tests run once weekly
  • Pre-wired for total of (4) generators for 1.2MegaWatts Production backup power
(2)N Chilled Water System
  • 150 tons of cooling online 2/1/10
  • Low pressure pump system with sealed distribution and 100% water recycling
  • Capable of expansion to 240 tons able to cool 1.2MegWatts of power

Network and Security

  • Cisco Platforms for core routing, switching and security
  • Public Internet via diverse, redundant providers [Primary: TW Telecom / Level 3 and Secondary: at&t / Savvis / RapidLink]
  • Internap BGP Flow Control Platform for IP Connectivity
  • Ethernet switching GE ports available and secured by the port
  • Private network options; including copper, fiber, OC-x, and wireless egress
  • Cisco IDS, IPS for public network security
  • Monthly availability and utilization reporting on secure shared services
  • Annual SAS Type II accreditation report on file for customer and auditors




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