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Data Center Resources

Power & Cooling Technologies

In many data centers, power and cooling infrastructure has not kept pace with the dramatic changes in the IT environment. Technologies like blade servers, VoIP and virtualization have all affected processing power needs with the potential to create high-density heat issues. PCM is ready to give you a complete power and cooling strategy necessary for keeping costs down and boosting efficiency.

Designed for Optimum Performance

Our Tier III classification certifies the facility is composed of multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, has redundant components, and is concurrently maintainable. Our design provides flexible provisioning of power and cooling. Exceeding TIA-942 specs to host blade centers, virtualization farms and dense storage technologies. We utilize this capability to deliver fully managed hosted SaaS and PaaS.

Benefits for Efficiency

Environmental monitoring and cooling solutions help keep mission-critical demand of new servers and blades operational and profitable. In partnership with leading power and cooling product manufacturers, PCM experts can help design, configure and implement a solution for your organization that optimizes the efficiencies of your data center. We offer a full array of BTO/CTO, preconfigured and modular power and cooling systems for the data center space.

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