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Systems Monitoring Services

Systems Monitoring is one of the most important IT services for any business that needs to ensure that their systems are available and working properly. However, this often overlooked and forgotten aspect of IT operations falls to the bottom of the list in today's on-demand environments. There’s rarely enough time to fix problems and help end-users while staying up with the continually changing needs of business.

Our IBM System i Monitoring and Management Services keep an eye on your systems every hour of every day to proactively identify problems and respond before they become one of those “on-demand” situations. These services keep your systems up-to-date with the latest fixes, patches and PTFs to ensure the highest availability for your systems.

Monitoring Services

  • Server Monitoring—24/7 monitoring of IBM System i servers and i5/OS operating systems for errors and alerts
  • Application Monitoring—24/7 monitoring of applications and processes
  • Automated Alert Systems—automated paging and e-mail notification of alerts to pre-determined escalation contacts
  • Customer Portals—client access to a secure Web portal that provides reporting and monitoring information for managed systems
  • 24x7 NOC Operations Desk—trouble ticketing and problem resolution coordination through custom escalation protocols

Managed System Services for Hardware and Operating System

System Administration

  • Guidance for the configuration and management of OS/400 level security
  • Management of remote server access
  • Administration support as needed for software installations and upgrades

Hardware Maintenance

  • 24/7 coordination of IBM hardware and i5/OS maintenance and repairs for critical events

Patch Management

  • Apply patches and Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs) as necessary for the operating system
  • Hardware and firmware upgrades as required

Operational Support

  • Troubleshooting, escalation, and resolution of hardware and i5/OS problems 24/7
  • Remote access of the trouble ticketing system

Proactive systems management keeps your applications and infrastructure up to date and helps circumvent problems before they happen. Contact your Account Executive to transform your IT systems management.

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