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Today, a vast majority of physical security systems are analog implementations that limit how, where and when users can access information and locations. However, technology has evolved and organizations are now transitioning to network-based systems. These new technologies encompass things like access control, video surveillance, IP camera technology and incident response. And, the management of these systems can be centralized through a single, graphical interface.


Network-based solutions can be deployed cost-effectively in a variety of environments, including branch offices, retail locations and even in vehicles. The end result is a unified IT infrastructure in which organizations are realizing efficiencies through:


  • Easier to Use. Systems are easier to deploy, use, and maintain.
  • More Efficient. IP systems can send alerts for immediate review and decision making with fewer numbers of personnel. Schedules for locking and unlocking doors can be maintained on a schedule and entire buildings can be locked with a simple click.
  • Higher Resolution. HD video surveillance cameras can increase the value of video surveillance through clearer video clips and the use of video analytics software.
  • Easier to Upgrade. Solutions are being built with open standards making them easier to expand, customize, and integrate with other solutions.
  • System Integration. IP video systems can integrate with alarm systems, access control and environmental controls.
  • Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere Viewing. IP cameras can be accessed, managed and recorded from across the room or across the world.
  • Improved Security. Swiping badges at access points increases security by limiting access to authorized users and creating a log of when and what time they enter. Unauthorized attempts can trigger video surveillance cameras to capture the event or even trigger an alarm or dispatch personnel.

PCM offers physical security solutions that can help you with threat detection, monitoring and response including:

IP Security Cameras, DVR & Recorders

Professional surveillance cameras, DVR and accessories from major manufacturers.

Intrusion Devices

Keep criminals out with solutions for motion detection, keypads, protection, glassbreak and more.

Access Devices

Control entrance and exit from controlled spaces within your organization.

Protective Cases & Notebook Locks

Safely and securely protect your IT assets from theft and damage.

ID Printers, Shredders and Monitor Filters

Accessories to keep your business safe and secure.

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Featuring Logitech Alert — a complete video security system.

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Reduce costs and complexity with an architectural and systems approach to security.

Featuring Logitech Alert — a complete video security system.

Offering anti-theft accessories including the K-Slot.

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Manufacturers of active and passive infrared detection devices.


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