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Managed Services

PCM’s Technology Support Services can be specially customized to fit your business operations. While we’re the perfect complement to existing IT services, we can also bridge the widest gap in any organization to help them ensure true business continuity.


With Managed Services, our technical specialists can monitor, manage and support your entire IT environment, providing a single point of contact for your technology needs. Businesses that choose managed IT services can save time, reduce operational costs, become more productive and free up resources to focus on growing the business.


We offer graduated levels of service designed to meet the unique needs of each business. The level of management that we will recommend depends upon the individual requirements of your organization:


Essential Managed Services

Essential Managed Services are the foundation of a properly managed IT environment, offering critical monitoring and management of your server and networking infrastructure. They are designed for organizations that have skilled IT resources on staff that will be responsible for incident resolution and daily operations aspects of your systems.


Advanced Managed Services

Advanced Managed Services fulfills the needs of clients who require monitoring and management of their network and server infrastructure and also want our expert engineers to take the lead on resolving your tricky technology issues 24 × 7 × 365.


These services are designed for organizations with skilled IT resources capable of handling the daily operational aspects of managing their technology, but choose to have us handle incident resolution so their resources are free to focus on higher level tasks.


Premier Managed Services

Our Premier Managed Services are the highest level of Managed IT Services that we offer. In addition to monitoring, proactive patch management and incident resolution, they provide for the full outsourcing of your daily IT operations.


With this level of service, we address all of the technology concerns that are encountered on a daily basis and are required to support the end user while keeping business operations running smoothly. These technology needs range from simple port and password changes to complex firewall rule additions and routing changes.


Clients selecting this level of service typically have reduced IT resources or no IT resources on staff and therefore choose to defer to our Technology Support Services on infrastructure related operational and support issues.


Managed IT Support Services helps to reduce capital expenses and lowers operational costs to a predictable monthly fee. PCM combines the best ITIL practices with decades of industry-leading skills and expertise to deliver services you can count on. Plus, our efficient monitoring and maintenance options mean we can often provide services at a lower cost than what you can perform internally.


Our Managed Support Services can be specifically customized to fit your business operations. We're the perfect complement to existing IT services, bridging the gap to help ensure operational continuity. Call your Account Executive today for more details.

Managed Services - Key Elements

Managed Services at PCM are built on a foundation of ITIL industry best practices to obtain the optimum Service Level Agreement (SLA). We are committed to providing the most efficient services for your business and backing them up with unbeatable support to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Operations Service Desk - Available 24x7x365 for systems monitoring, opening and managing trouble tickets, service requests, and patch and change management scheduling.

  • Systems Monitoring - Our Operations Service Desk uses remote monitoring technology to keep an eye on IT infrastructure 24x7x365 and proactively identify issues before they become a problem. The service desk monitors and alerts on a variety of parameters and thresholds, then escalates back to the client or PCM for remediation depending on SLA.

  • Business Service Management - Aligns IT services and support with critical business applications such as ERP, e-mail, CRM, eCommerce, Web and VoIP. We can give the LOB manager, application manager or IT support team not only server availability information, but we can also provide them with performance information about all of the technology elements that support the application, from communications and networking to storage and server availability. When applications encounter performance issues due to their supporting infrastructure, it's easier to quickly identify and resolve the problem that is causing the slowdown of critical business applications.

  • Systems Management - Keeps the systems up-to-date with the latest fixes and patches. Updates are applied remotely, helping to ensure the highest availability of critical infrastructure systems. With remote monitoring and management of your on-premise technology, PCM engineers can perform the majority of server management functions, except for those few activities that require a person to physically touch the systems. In those cases, your on-site staff can be utilized to assist with hands-on requirements.

  • Systems Support - Whether it is for remediation of service alerts from our monitoring service or responses to calls made to the help desk, client services engineers can provide timely responses to IT support needs to augment the capabilities of your current staff or even, depending on SLA, eliminate the challenges associated with having to hire additional technical employees. Certified service engineers can cover the spectrum of infrastructure technology including industry-standard servers, desktops, operating systems, storage, and networks.

Customer Portal

This secure Web-accessible portal for clients access offers reporting and monitoring information for your managed systems.

Additional Services:

Application Management

  • Directory Services including Microsoft Active Directory and LDA
  • Web services, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and Apache
  • SQL, MySQL and Oracle databases
  • Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino e-mail

Scheduled Site Visits

  • An optional add on for clients that allows for scheduled recurring site visits

Customized Monitoring

  • Available to support business applications and additional system elements

Performance Management and Capacity Planning Using Industry Best Practices

  • Offers the information needed to understand what’s going on with your system and the best actions to take to improve performance
  • We identify the “current state” of system resources (CPU, memory and disk) and trends to identify any bottlenecks
  • Results provide the tuning recommendations and gap analysis needed to improve performance, increase workloads or add users Our managed services can be specifically customized to fit your business operations. We're the perfect complement to existing IT services, bridging the gap to help ensure operational continuity. Call your Account Executive today for more details.

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