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Optimizing Your Internal Resources: Partnering with PCM
The speed at which hackers are creating new techniques is unprecedented, which means that your security strategy needs to evolve just as aggressively. Yet, the complex evolution of security solutions designed to address various threats has made developing and managing your security posture progressively more challenging—there are more tools available than can be counted. Perimeter security has all but disappeared as mobility, cloud, third-party access, digital workspaces, and the IoT are completely changing the nature of the threat universe.
The security industry has evolved a platform-based approach to the integration of:
Network Visibility
Behavioral Analytics
Threat Intelligence
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Automated Remediation
You need a security partner who can provide current, practical advice in developing,
implementing, and optimizing your security posture.
The Big Difference: Your Security Integration Partner
The biggest difference between PCM Security and other providers is that we build secure data centers from the ground up, embrace integrated platforms, and design solutions based on synergistic operations. In order to optimize and secure your environment, you have to understand how it operates within a data center—addressing a single component isn’t enough. The PCM promise to you is that we’ll be the security integrator who treats your environment all-inclusively.

If your security partner doesn’t understand the technologies and synergistic operations of today’s data environment, then how can you expect them to provide the advice and support you need to secure your data.
Your Intelligent Solution
Security Consulting
PCI Compliance HIPAA Compliance SOX Compliance Risk Assessment Web App. Testing Social Engineering Incident Response
Secure Access
Network Authentication Control BYOD & Mobile Device Management Virtual Private Networks Identity Access Management Physical Security
Perimeter Security
Next Generation Firewalls Intrusion Prevention Systems Threat Analytics for Perimeter
Secure Content
Email Security Web Security Data Loss Prevention
Endpoint Security
Anti-Malware Protection Next Generation Anti-Virus Threat Analytics for Endpoints
Data Center
Cloud Security Micro-segmentation Software Defined Networks Virtual Firewalls Security Visibility, Monitoring & correlation.
Managed Security
Device Management Monitoring Log Correlation Moves, Adds & Changes Incident Response 7x24 US Based Helpdesk Redundant SOC/NOC
Get Ahead of Security Threats and Stay There
The volume and variation of threats and attack methods is at an unprecedented high, while the amount of information entering enterprises from infinite endpoints is staggering—such that humans can no longer keep up with alerts or response. Cybersecurity is embracing automation, and to get ahead, a comprehensive approach to both solutions and services is critical for enterprises.
Data Centric Security Approach
There are thousands of security vendors and solutions out there, all portrayed as the best. You probably don’t have a bottomless IT budget, and there’s no magic solution for protecting your environment completely; the threat metrics are too broad. Most businesses are asking themselves, “What do I do next?” Using a data-centric, methodical approach to developing a comprehensive security strategy is the best way to start.
PCI DSS Compliance. Are You at Risk?
With breaches mounting daily, PCI has clamped down on merchants and merchant banks not in compliance.
Three simple questions can determine whether your organization must comply with PCI-DSS security requirements:
Does your company accept, process, transmit, or store payment card data? Does your company process credit card payments on your systems? Does your company outsource this function to a payment processor or other service provider, meaning that NO cardholder data is on your systems?
You need to have an endpoint protection against the latest advanced threats, zero-day malware and ransomware.
The Traps solution actually prevents the malware/exploit from actually gaining a foothold on your endpoint
Most solutions wait till the endpoint is infected then the attempts to detect and remediate before damage is done.
"The choice of solution approach is yours"
Are you allowing malicious breaches in your information system environment?
Prevent this with Cisco Firepower® Next-Generation Firewalls, that can help you reduce complexity with simplified, consistent management. The Cisco Firepower® Next-Generation Firewall is the industry’s first fully integrated, threat-focused next-gen firewall with unified management. It uniquely provides advanced threat protection before, during, and after attacks.
Symantec's Next Gen Endpoint Sep14
Be prepare to stop threats regardless of how they attack your endpoint
SEP14 Enables business through a single management console and high performance Next Gen agent stopping threats and delivering powerful response capabilities for superior protection across diverse environments.
Symantec 2017 Internet Security Threat Report
The 2017 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) details how simple tactics and innovative cyber criminals led to unprecedented outcomes in global threat activity.
7 Steps to Data Centric Security
Identify critical assets, data, and intellectual property Prioritize security by business risk impact Evaluate threats and vulnerabilities Develop a security strategy based on prioritized risk
Address governance and regulatory requirements Implement an insurance layer of protection Monitor effectiveness and evolve continuously
PCM Security Staff Resident Services
Did you know, PCM can provide a wide range of security professionals to cover short term requirements due to turn over or for security projects to supplement existing team skills. With the shortage of experienced security professionals in the industry, many companies are utilizing security skilled professionals on a temporary contract basis.

Some of the most frequent security skills we are asked to provide include:
CISO experienced professionals Cloud Security Engineers Firewall Engineers
End Point Security Engineers PCI Consultants HIPAA Consultants
PCM can provide you options through its on-demand virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vClSO) program. PCM’s vCISO program can balance your needs with additional skilled and directed resources. This program can be a cost-effective approach to having the access your company needs to high end security professionals.
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