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Digital signage is a form of technology that is being used to replace traditional static signage with more dynamic and interactive electronic messaging. Customized content is delivered to a large screen display such as LCD, LED, or Plasma displays or projected images.

Digital signage allows you to deliver targeted messages to a specific audience. Messaging can be centrally managed to display specific and targeted media/information that can be pre-programmed or changed on the fly to adapt to certain conditions or behaviors. Content can be managed across networks and through the cloud.

Digital signage can be found just about anywhere, whether it be public or private spaces including retail, hospitality, restaurants, real estate offices, medical offices, car washes, auto repair centers, corporate office buildings and more. Messaging can be used to promote products and services, convey brand messaging, welcome guests, convey event information and way finding, provide emergency notifications and alerts. The possibilities are endless.

The basic components of a digital signage solution include:

  • Large format display
  • Media player
  • Content management software
  • Display mounts
  • Cables and connectors

A typical digital signage installation includes one or more display screens, one or more me¬dia players, and a content management server. One content management server may support multiple media players, and one media player may support multiple displays.

Examples of Digital Signage Layouts

Choosing the content strategy, display location, and best hardware is often helped by a solutions pro-vider that can assist during the entire digital signage lifecycle. PCM is here to make it happen.

View our Case Studies

Click on the case study below to learn how the PCM Solutions organization has assisted in our customer's success.

Beverage Manufacturer Needs Digital Signage for Demanding Environment

The SERVICES organization was tapped by an international beverage maker to help them acquire nearly 50 digital displays that could survive a whirlwind marketing tour across the nation in the middle of summer. And they needed them in less than 30 days.

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To provide you with comprehensive information about PCM's Cloud Services we've assembled a library of data sheets, white papers, articles and other helpful resource materials.

Data Sheet: Digital Signage Solutions

Solution Partners

By partnering with PCMG, we will support you through all phases of the MDM lifecycle, from assessing and building your strategy through implementing and supporting a solution. You benefit from the best practices generated by the experience of our 700 certified engineers, technicians and project managers as well as through our partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, HP and more.

Samsung professional digital displays deliver your message with maximum impact, featuring quick response times, video wall capabilities and blurr free motion.

Create a space that's engaging and informative. With LG digital signage, you can send a message to your customers without saying a word.

Every market and environment has unique needs and your business or organization is different than any other. NEC is there with you every step of the way.

Planar's large format displays are designed for demanding applications with high durability and performance requirements.

InFocus digital displays make bright ideas brilliant everywhere people gather to communicate and collaborate — in meetings, presentations, classrooms and offices around the world.

Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) from Elo Touch Solutions provide industry-leading touch technologies offering versatility for a hightened user experience.

Flexible, advanced and cost-effective software with powerful management tools including content distribution, screen shots and proof of play reports.

C2G offers a full line of digital signage infrastructure and distribution solutions ranging from network cable to devices such as video splitters, extenders and distribution amplifiers.


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