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The Data Center Solution

The two basic functions of an organization’s IT department are to develop applications and deliver them. Nevertheless, in many IT organizations, application development and delivery are not closely aligned. Symptoms include poor performing applications or issues with availability.

As organizations move towards electronic records they depend on enterprise architecture that can provide the highest level of availability and accessibility to information and applications. Many organizations struggle with complex disparity, an inability to provide end-to-end service oriented architecture – very often due to vendors and software providers that have simply installed hardware rather than a comprehensive data center solution.

Infrastructure You Need

PCMG looks at the entire infrastructure in your data center as a consolidated pool of resources that need to be aligned to deliver performance and agility to your applications/users at any time. Let us work with you to align your organizations resources and technology to create a path for performance and to improve your data center services.

PCMG is focused on providing products and expertise by incorporating centralized disk and tape storage, UNIX and Microsoft high-availability computing, and data and systems management.

  • Centralized Backup
  • Highly Available Platforms
  • Disk and Tape Storage Management
  • Data Migration and Replication
  • Networked Storage (SAN and NAS)
  • Server Consolidation and Virtualization

Advanced Server Architecture

Server architecture advancements are dramatically changing the landscape of computing. Server processor architecture is at the highest level of acceleration since the introduction of semi-conductors. Current multi-core processor technology and its exponential growth will provide platform alternatives that were not possible even a few years ago. Many organizations are finding it problematic to take full advantage of available cloud or grid computing options, but will be able to consolidate and create centralized private cloud functionality and introduce external options when applicable.

Many technology initiatives that organizations adopt, such as server consolidation, desktop virtualization, and application virtualization, highlight the need for a different approach to the design and architecture of the server environment. Our team of server architects can help your organization understand key elements that will help you build a cost-effective and adaptive flexible server infrastructure. Additionally, we will help you to understand present and future technologies that will be available for your current environment – to help maximize your current investment.




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