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Best in Class Data Center Infrastructure

PCMG’s data center is design and hardened construction provides assurance that operations and customer environments are protected against natural disasters, power outages, network issues, and unauthorized access.

  • 24x7 on-site personnel monitoring critical systems
  • Multiple telco providers and shared network facilities access
  • Cisco Core Network Infrastructure
  • APC in-Line Cooling Technology
  • HVAC: on-site chillers in N+1 configuration
  • Backup Power with battery, UPS and Generator Farm configured in N+1 Cluster
  • Secured cabinets and cages
  • Reinforced facilities meeting or exceeding all Tier III requirements
  • Redundant Physical Security systems
  • Video camera monitoring and recording throughout campus, facility and data center rooms
  • Photo ID badges, security card systems and biometric readers provide multi-level authentication

Built for Non-stop Power

PCMG is experiencing a clear trend with clients rapidly seeking data center consolidation options ranging from colocation to complete cloud delivery models for their own businesses. To meet this demand across North America, PCMG’s new data center has fully redundant infrastructures and is built for non-stop power and connectivity, helping clients maintain 24x7 availability of mission critical IT resources and unlimited access to their data, applications and equipment.


Why is PCMG investing in Data Centers?

  • Agility

    By owning our own buildings and we can deliver what we promise directly, quickly and at economies of scale.

  • Expertise

    In addition to running an existing, award winning and certified data center in Atlanta for over 10 years, we contractually operate other commercial clients’ data centers and cage space and have built numerous data centers for clients.

  • Future Proofing

    Our design provides flexible provisioning of power and cooling. We exceed TIA-942 specs to host blade centers, virtualization farms and dense storage technologies and we utilize this capability to deliver fully managed hosted SaaS and PaaS.

  • Disaster Recovery

    A single physical data center, should it experience a disaster that effects operations, would be disastrous to many clients.

  • Cloud Services

    Our clients expect some level of geographic-redundancy for select cloud services. Geographically-diverse data centers enable both on-demand and pre-built cloud offerings to be delivered with “built-in” resilience.




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