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Adapting to a Changing Landscape

Today, processor architecture is at the highest level of acceleration since the introduction of semi-conductors. Plus, the current multi-core processor technologies and their exponential growth will continue to provide platform alternatives that beat out options released as little as a few years prior. But determining whether to use CPU, GPU or some combination can be confusing. Many organizations are finding it problematic to take full advantage of available cloud or grid computing options. But with the right guidance, they could consolidate and create centralized private cloud functionality and potentially introduce external options.

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Many of the adopted technology initiatives, such as server consolidation, desktop virtualization and application virtualization, highlight the need for a different approach to the design of the compute environment. Our team of architects can help your organization understand key elements that will help you build a cost-effective and adaptive compute infrastructure. Additionally, we apply our expertise with present and future technologies to maximize your current investment.

Hybrid data Compute Solutions

We offer technology from industry-leading manufacturers – Cisco, Dell, HPE, IBM, Oracle and more—to help you meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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