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intelligent architecture

Evaluating ROI or truly understanding cost of ownership of hardware in your datacenters has always been difficult. Even though the convergence of technologies reduces the need for IT silos, it is still laden with inefficiencies around buying infrastructure, gaining approvals and predicting business’s needs. Although these are not the technologies fault, it weakens the hyper convergence adoption for the future because businesses are expecting IT to be more agile and have capacity on demand. A good solution to this is to have a hybrid approach where cloud is accessible to ensure business demands are being met.

know data

Hyperconverged Storage Infrastructure (HCI) offers a scalable, cost effective way to leverage server technology and excess storage within these devices to set up pools of server and storage architecture to effectively serve distributed applications such as web services. HCI is also effective at addressing branch office environments. HCI solutions can be software based such as vSan and Nutanix or they can be integrated with hardware such as HPE Simplivity, EMC vxRail, NetApp HCI and Cisco Hyperflex.

Sizing your hyper converged environment is all about knowing your organizations needs for storage. Which is another difficult thing to predict in today’s world. Because

hyper-convergence is so easy to set up, it may lead you to deploy it in scenarios where it may not fit. For example, because compute and storage resources are sharing the same appliance, it can limit storage capacity. If you don’t understand the storage requirements of your applications, performance can suffer.

Intelligent Architecture solutions

PCM can help you design and implement the most appropriate solution for your organization.

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