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A holistic approach to design,

operation, and delivery of IT services.
Cisco Unified Data Center changes the economics of the data center
by unifying compute, storage, networking, virtualization, and
management into a single platform. The result is operational simplicity
and business agility -- essential for cloud computing and deploying
IT as a service. It provides exceptional architectural flexibility in
enterprise or service provider environments. This unified framework
supports diverse data center goals and make it easier for IT to
integrate existing technology to simplify operations.

Cisco Unified Computing System is the smart, innovative, fabric computing infrastructure that simplifies operations and speeds deployment. It runs applications faster in bare-metal, virtualized, and cloud computing environments.

Cisco UCS goes beyond convergence to bring the benefits of centralized computing to the scale-out nature of many of today’s applications: simplified management, greater deployment flexibility, and easier scalability. A self-integrating, self-aware system, Cisco UCS consists of a single management domain interconnected by a unified I/O infrastructure. The system is designed as a single virtual blade chassis that incorporates and scales across multiple blade chassis, rack servers, and racks.

The Cisco UCS C220 M3 Rack Server

It is designed for performance and density over a wide range of business workloads, from web serving to distributed database. It combines Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers and B-Series Blade Servers with networking and storage access into a single converged system that simplifies management and delivers greater cost efficiency and agility with increased visibility and control. These three servers increase compute density through more cores and cache balanced with more memory capacity, disk drives and with faster I/O. Together these server improvements and complementary Cisco UCS advancements deliver the best combination of features and cost efficiency required to support IT's diverse server needs.

The Cisco UCS B200 M3 Blade Server

Density and Performance Without Compromise. Delivering performance, versatility, and density without compromise and addresses the broadest set of workloads, from IT and web infrastructure to distributed database.

Cisco UCS has the architectural advantage of not having to power and cool switches in each blade chassis. Having a larger power budget available for blades enables Cisco to design uncompromised expandability and capabilities in its blade servers, as evidenced with the new Cisco UCS B200 M3 and its leading memory and drive capacity that result in outstanding performance.

Cisco Unified Fabric provides the foundational connectivity. By unifying storage, data networking, and network services, Unified Fabric delivers architectural flexibility and consistent networking across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Cisco Unified Fabric helps enable convergence, network scale, virtualization-awareness, and intelligence through the industry-leading Cisco NX-OS.

Understand how Unified Fabric reduces costs and improves the alignment of data center assets to business requirements. As organizations increasingly rely on IT to help enable, and even change, their business strategies, they need their IT infrastructure to be more powerful, agile, and cost effective than ever. Today's enterprises require continual system availability, demand ubiquitous access, and expect rapid and fluid responses to their ever-changing business needs.

To provide these functions, enterprise data centers are challenged to get more use out of existing resources and operate quickly, with increased agility. Specifically, they must address the following data center challenges:

• Improve asset utilization to reduce or defer capital expenses

• Reduce power and cooling consumption to cut costs and align with green business practices

• Make data and resources available in real time to provide flexibility and alignment with current and future business needs

To meet these challenges, organizations must build a single network-based data center infrastructure that unifies traditional server, storage, and network operations to more efficiently support evolving business applications.

The Cisco UCS 6100 Series Fabric Interconnects

It is a core part of the Cisco Unified Computing System, providing both network connectivity and management capabilities for the system.

  • offers line-rate, low-latency, lossless 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) functions.
  • provides the management and communication backbone for the Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers and UCS 5100 Series Blade Server Chassis.
  • all chassis become part of a single, highly available management domain
  • provides both the LAN and SAN connectivity for all blades within its domain.
  • uses a cut-through architecture, supporting deterministic, low-latency, line-rate 10 Gigabit Ethernet on all ports, independent of packet size and enabled services.
  • the product family supports Cisco low-latency, lossless 10 Gigabit Ethernet unified network fabric capabilities, which increase the reliability, efficiency, and scalability of Ethernet networks.

The fabric interconnect supports multiple traffic classes over a lossless Ethernet fabric from the blade through the interconnect. Significant TCO savings come from an FCoE-optimized server design in which network interface cards (NICs), host bus adapters (HBAs), cables, and switches can be consolidated.

The Cisco UCS 2104XP Fabric Extender

It provides key benefits including the following:

  • Reduced TCO through the use of FCoE, which enables significant component reduction
  • High-speed, low-latency, FCoE-capable 10 Gigabit Ethernet to the chassis
  • Up to two fabric extenders per chassis, which allows redundancy and increased bandwidth
  • Hardware-based support for Cisco VN-Link architecture, helping optimize virtualized environments
  • Built-in logic to manage chassis components including fans and power
  • Simplified management -the fabric extender is fully managed through the fabric interconnect

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