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The FileMaker Platform

Streamline your business with the FileMaker Platform. Easily create custom solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web that meet the unique needs of your organization. Manage customer data, track assets, organize projects, run reports, and more. With the FileMaker Platform you'll improve workflow, save money, and increase efficiency.

FileMaker Pro is powerful, easy-to-use software for creating custom business solutions that run on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. Use FileMaker Pro to manage and share information with your team. Build your own solution or use one of the many built-in Starter Solutions to track contacts, assets, projects, and more.

FileMaker Pro Advanced includes everything in FileMaker Pro plus a suite of advanced development and customization tools. You’ll be able to design and develop solutions faster, modify and maintain them with ease, and monitor your data more efficiently.

FileMaker Go is a free app that runs FileMaker solutions on iPad and iPhone so you can connect to your data anywhere. Use FileMaker Go to easily share information with your team while on the go. Check inventory in the warehouse, create invoices during client visits, negotiate sales deals on road, and more.

FileMaker Server is fast, reliable server software to securely share data with groups of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go users and to extend solutions to the web. Get 24/7 availability and reliability, remotely administer and maintain databases with ease, and get time-saving automation capabilities

What's New

The new FileMaker 13 Platform is a set of tools and technologies
used to create custom solutions that go everywhere your business takes you.

Top New Features in FileMaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced
Get new features to help you create stunning databases for iPad, iPhone, Windows, and Mac like never before.

  • New! Custom themes  —  Modify and save changes to existing layout themes to match your exact business needs. Reuse or share these themes with your team.
  • New! Styles —  Themes now have styles (sets of attributes like colors, fonts and text sizes applied to objects such as buttons, fields, and backgrounds) to give your solutions a consistent and professional look. Choose from predefined styles or create your own. Modify a style once and it changes everywhere.
  • New! Improved Starter Solutions —  The Contacts, Assets, Content Management and Invoices Starter Solutions have been entirely redesigned with a fresh look.
  • New! Field Picker —  Drag and drop fields directly onto your layout with the new Field Picker. Includes convenient options for controlling field and label placement.
  • New! Control Object Visibility —  Make your layouts more interactive by hiding or displaying objects, such as fields and buttons, based on a condition or calculation.

New in FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced

  • New! Use FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced to enable AES 256-bit database encryption so that your data is protected whether it’s hosted on FileMaker Server 13 or on a local FileMaker client.


Top New Features in FileMaker Go 13 for iPad and iPhone
Get new features for an ideal iPad and iPhone experience.

  • New! Bar code scanner  —  Automatically scan bar codes using your iPad and iPhone with FileMaker Go – no plug-ins required.
  • New! More iOS keyboards —  Choose one of 7 new keyboards to match the type of data you want to collect including URL, number, email, phone, and more.
  • New! Slide control —  Manage images and other data in separate slide panels all within the same layout. Just swipe to change panels.
  • New! Popovers —  Use iOS-style popovers on iPad, iPhone and desktop to group fields, links and other information without changing layouts or windows.

Top New Features in FileMaker Server 13
Get new features to help you manage and share information in a web browser.

  • New! FileMaker WebDirect  —  Breakthrough web technology that runs custom business solutions directly in a web browser on a desktop or laptop.
  • New! All-new Admin Console —  Re-written in HTML5 for instant, secure access from any web browser. New user interface prominently displays important alerts for easier administration.
  • New! Database encryption —  Use powerful AES 256-bit encryption to secure databases hosted on FileMaker Server 13.
  • New! Encryption state indicator —  Visual indicator appears when securely connecting to FileMaker Server 13 from FileMaker Pro 13.
  • New! Improved SSL certificate management —  When using a single machine installation, just one SSL certificate is needed to support all clients.
With the FileMaker Platform you'll be able to improve workflow, save money, and increase overall efficiency.

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In addition, we offer world class procurement and logistics, IT consulting, and implementation services delivered through over 1200 technical professionals. Whether you want to deploy tablets securely or move your data center to the cloud, PCM-G is here to make it happen. Our Services experts will collaborate with you to understand your requirements and provide tailored services to allow your organization to lower costs, increase agility, improve efficiency and succeed in today's global economy and beyond.

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