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Backup & Recovery

Dell SonicWALL® Continuous Data Protection (CDP) 6.0 is a next-generation data backup and disaster recovery solution that automatically preserves and protects business-relevant data assets against loss from file, device, and location based disasters. With support for Windows®, Linux® and Mac OS® through a single Web GUI, CDP provides granular, globally enforced policy controls over the entire backup operation. Unmatched flexibility enables IT administrators to dictate what information to backup, what to exclude and how the information should be maintained to adhere to recovery and compliance requirements.

A sophisticated new fileset backup methodology combined with agent-based data de-duplication moves and stores only unique data blocks. This speeds the backup process and optimizes bandwidth usage while maintaining total information continuity and the ability to flexibly restore multiple revisions. Dell SonicWALL Continuous Data Protection 6.0 offers the comprehensive data protection organizations demand and the power administrators need for vigilant data backup and disaster recovery.

Backup features
Continuous data backup.

CDP 6.0 delivers automatic, transparent and policy­based backup, ensuring business critical data is reliably protected. Whether data resides on servers, desktops, laptops or remote systems, CDP continuously monitors and automatically creates a backup every time a change is detected. Unlike most traditional backup products, no user intervention or manual backup tasks are required.

Fileset backup.

The CDP 6.0 fileset backup methodology combined with data de­duplication and advanced granular versioning and trimming features efficiently captures, catalogues and preserves each backup in chronological versions while excluding duplicate data. This eliminates the inefficiencies experienced by the traditional method of excessively backing up and storing recurring incremental and daily full backup files that overtax secondary storage and result in data loss when historical backup points are rebuilt.

Windows, Mac OS and Linux support.

The local CDP 6.0 agent software supports mixed-platform environments, including the latest Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.

Broad Microsoft application support.

CDP 6.0 supports the most popular Microsoft® business and client applications including SQL®, Exchange and SharePoint® servers, Active Directory® and Outlook®.

Disaster Recovery features
Site-to-site data backup.

CDP 6.0 automatically uses AES 256-bit encryption to transmit and store data on other CDP appliances at remote sites. If the local CDP appliance is no longer viable, IT administrators can easily recover the latest version of data through the replacement CDP appliance’s Web interface.

Offsite data backup.

CDP 6.0 can also automatically encrypt, transmit to and store data at the Dell SonicWALL Data Backup Center. If the local CDP appliance is no longer viable, ITadministrators can easily recover the latest version of data through the replacement CDP appliance’s Web interface.

Local archiving.

For an added layer of disaster protection, IT can archive the latest version of business-critical data on a local NTFS formatted USB drive and physically transport it to a secure offsite location. Designed to help organizations meet regulatory compliance, local archiving enables administrators to browse archives and restore individual files. Local archiving is available on both upstream and downstream CDP appliances.

Universal system recovery.

CDP Universal System Recovery allows you to create an exact image of an entire Windows server or workstation including the operating system files, program files, databases and settings. The wizard-driven interface enables IT administrators to quickly recover an entire system to dissimilar physical or virtual hardware easily, regardless of make, model or installed components.

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