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Software Annuity Licensing
What is Annuity?

Annuity is defined as an agreement by which one receives fixed payments on an investment for a lifetime or for a specified number of years. As it relates to the purchase of software licensing, annuity (also known by terms such as assurance, insurance, maintenance, and renewal) offers customers the chance to gain access to the newest emerging software technologies and even in some cases gives customers access to training and other tools. Annuity helps customers to save money by ensuring that they receive the new product versions if released during the specified annuity period. In some cases, customers are even able to purchase annuity after they have already purchased specified software licensing solutions.

Protect your investment; purchase annuity!
For more help purchasing annuity, contact the software licensing desk at 1.800.555.4204

Microsoft Software Assurance


Microsoft's Software Assurance gives you automatic access to new technology and provides productivity benefits, support, tools, and training to help deploy and use software efficiently.

Features and Benefits

Productivity: Acquire the latest software automatically, spread payments annually, and extend the workplace to the home.

  • New Version Righs

  • Spread Payments

  • Home Use Program (Office systems software only)

  • Employee Purchase Program (EPP) (productivity and consumer products only)

Support: Access resources that help keep business systems running smoothly.

  • TechNet Online Concierge Chat

  • TechNet Plus (server software only)

  • Problem Resolution Support (server software only)

  • Extended Lifecycle Hotfix Support (server software only)

Tools: Deploy software efficiently, monitor errors, and access Microsoft® Windows® source code.

  • "Cold" Backups for Disaster Recovery

  • Corporate Error Reporting (CER)

  • Enterprise Source Licensing Program (ESLP) (Windows client only)

  • Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE)

Training: Bring employees up to speed quickly on new products and keep IT staff up-to-date on the latest technical information

  • eLearning

  • Training Vouchers (desktop software only)

Adobe Maintenance


The Maintenance Program is designed for organizations that want to stay on the leading edge of technology and ensure technological consistency throughout the organization. When you order the Maintenance Program for Adobe software, you are entitled to receive all upgrades of that software that occur during the Maintenance Program period, which is typically two years. Think of it as technology insurance. The Maintenance Program is ordered ''by seat''; that is, for each computer on which the software you wish to cover software is installed. You order one unit of the Maintenance Program for each license you wish to cover.


Key Benefits


  • Improved business efficiency—ordering multiple Maintenance Program licenses under one program simplifies order administration and budget management

  • Improved technology management—program assures access to the latest upgrades, typically over a two-year period

  • Automatic notification of upgrades to IT 

  • Available only to Adobe Open Options software licensing program customers

  • Maintenance Program licenses contribute to accumulated points, which determines the overall savings level

  • Eligible products include new and upgrade licenses, current versions of shrink wrapped Adobe products for which no new version has been announced, and OEM licenses. Transactional License Program (TLP) – Maintenance is available on any current product as long as a new version has not been announced. Maintenance can be purchased alone on a current version or can be purchased at the same time of a new license. This maintenance is for a two year period.

Contractual License Program (CLP)


Maintenance can be purchased for all existing licenses for the first 6 months of the contract as long as a new version has not been announced. After that, maintenance can be added at the time of new license purchases only. Maintenance runs for the period of the contract with decreasing costs as the contract advances in term. Contracts are for 2 years and maintenance is available in 6 month increments.


Apple Maintenance


The Apple Volume License and Mac OS X Maintenance Program is a GET CURRENT - STAY CURRENT program. First, purchase your Mac OS X upgrade Volume License and second, enroll in Maintenance to receive Mac OS X upgrades for a three year period.

IBM Software Maintenance Renewal Program

Why renew Software Maintenance? Software Maintenance is the cost-effective way for your customers to protect their software investment. It provides product upgrades and technical support for IBM distributed software. Software Maintenance is included with the initial license acquisition for a full 12 months. It is then renewable at the Passport Advantage License anniversary date. In the Passport Advantage Express program, each transaction has its own anniversary date that occurs 12 full months after purchase.

Customers save a tremendous amount of money if they renew by their anniversary date. If they allow their Software Maintenance coverage to lapse, the cost to reinstate it can more than double. They will be charged for Software Maintenance Reinstatement at a significantly higher cost. Not only do customers benefit from cost savings, renewing their Software Maintenance means that their business can continue to benefit from using the most up-to-date version of their software. They can also access technical support for their software. Technical support includes:

  • Business-hours telephone support for all products you have covered with Software Maintenance

  • 24 x 7 support coverage for all problems deemed mission critical by you

  • An open authorized caller list for as many of your IT personnel as you authorize

  • Web site to submit, reference and check status of all your issues

  • Fast escalation to higher level of support (if necessary), so your problems are answered quickly

IBM Software Maintenance Renewal Program


McAfee Gold Support is the standard support included, at no extra charge, in all McAfee’s licensed products. All customers with current maintenance on their licensing are have Gold Support. It is 24x7 technical support via e-mail, telephone and web, plus download access to all McAfee product updates (excluding suite upgrades), patches and revisions. Additional support options include Gold Select Support and Platinum, which can be purchased as a contract per site per year. Gold and Platinum support can include special regionalization options, deployment assistance, reports and other enhancements. Platinum support includes assignment of the customer’s own McAfee Support Account Manager (SAM), who can help manage administration and technical issues across the customer’s install base.

All McAfee maintenance is renewed annually, and is charged per node for anti-virus suites (including managed suites) and for most point products; per server for NetApp storage security, eBusiness server and Server Host Intrusion Prevention; and per hypervisor for virtual protection suites. Most of McAfee’s licensed products have multi-year support sku’s available and they have a built-in discount. For licensed products other than subscription services (like the Total Protection Service), new customers can purchase any quantity of 11 nodes or more, and existing customers can purchase new licenses and renewal in any quantity of five or more. All server products can be purchased in single nodes, service subscriptions can be purchased with two or more nodes, and advanced service subscriptions in five or more nodes. Pricing is banded, so the per unit price for 501 nodes of an AV suite, for example, would be considerably lower than the per unit price of 15 nodes of the same suite.

Features and Benefits


All Symantec Antivirus licensing comes with one year maintenance which includes upgrade insurance, gold technical support (800#) and the ability to download the latest virus definition. All other Symantec license products do not include maintenance support.

Examples -- If you wereto purchase 25 units of Symantec Antivirus Enterprise Edition and wanted two years maintenance with it, you would first purchase 25 units of the license along with 25 units of the 2nd year maintenance. If you were to purchase 25 units of Ghost Corporate Edition 7.5 and wanted two years maintenance with it, you would first have to purchase 25 units of the license, 25 units of the first year maintenance and 25 units of the 2nd year maintenance. You have 30 days from the date of the initial license purchase to purchase the maintenance.

Renewals -- Symantec renewals can be purchased in two different variations, 1 year or 2 years. Renewals come with the same upgrade insurance, gold technical support and virus definitions, if applicable, as the original maintenance. For example, your maintenance expires tomorrow. There’s no need to worry, Symantec gives you 60 days from the date the maintenance expires to purchase the renewals.

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