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Ratings & Reviews
Saving Items for Later
Using Check out
Shopping Experience
We want shopping our site to be easy. Find out how you can use Ratings and Reviews, save and access shopping carts, and check out.
Ratings & Reviews

Using Ratings and Reviews

The PCM presents ratings and reviews of products written by actual customers. You can glance across the product categories and sort them by their customer star rating or you can dig into each set of products and read the customer review about what works well and what doesn't. As you read individual reviews you'll be able to vote on whether or not you found it useful.

Write Your Own Review

Only one review per product is allowed. Multiple posts by the same user are not permitted.

Create this review based on your own experience with the product. Be truthful and objective in your review.
To make your post more effective and substantial, explain why you liked or disliked the item.

Focus your review on the product itself. Avoid straying to topics not related to the item.
Ideal length of your review is 30-250 words.

Reviewers should not engage in the following: harassing or issuing threats to another person,
impersonation, using obscene or sexually explicit language, or creating false statements

Posting personal information such as email and mailing addresses, phone numbers, URLs and credit card numbers,is strictly prohibited.

Comments regarding the seller of the product should not be included in the reviews. You can post those through our Customer Feedback form.

Commercial endorsements and advertising content are not permitted, as well as posts containing spam or links.

Reviews created by manufacturers or merchants cannot be posted here.

PCMall.com holds the right to exclude or remove reviews that do not follow these guidelines.

Disclaimer: PCM.com can include your review on our Product Detail pages. The company is not responsible for the ratings and reviews posted by users. PCM.com does not share the views and comments posted on this site, and they are strictly the opinion of the reviewers. All posts are reviewed by the management of PCM.com before they appear on the site, usually 24-48 hours after users have submitted them.

Customer Reviews Terms & Conditions

You are allowed to submit a review that pertains solely to the evaluation of third-party products sold in PCM.com, under the condition that (1) you do not assume the identity of another person or entity, or otherwise mislead others as to the origins of the content; (2) you own or otherwise control all rights in the content submitted; (3)the content is not unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, infringing on third-party, intellectual property, and privacy rights, does not contain advertisements, political campaigning and any form of spam. By submitting a review, you agree to give PCM.com the right (1) to use and display your name with regards to the content supplied; (2) to disclose (or elect not to disclose), modify, publish, create derivative works from, and display your content in any media throughout the world, without restriction and without compensating you in any way. PCM.com has the right but not the obligation to monitor or remove reviews on the site. You agree to indemnify PCM.com from any claims or damages arising out of any and all content submitted.

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Saving Items for Later

As soon as you put an item in your cart, you have the option to save it. Simply check the box next to the product and click the "Save for later" button near the bottom of the summary of items in your cart. You can then choose to move the product back to the cart at any time. Simply check the box next to the product on the “Save for later” list and click the “Move to Cart” button.

Items in your Shopping Cart will always reflect the most recent price displayed on the item's product detail page. Please note that this price may differ from the price the item held when you first placed it in your cart.

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Using Check out

Need help placing your order? Follow these steps to purchase items you’ve put in your cart.

1. Review your cart
Once you have placed your order, select the "View Cart" link in the upper right portion of any page on pcm.com to review all of the items you’ve placed in your cart. You can also increase or decrease the quantity you like to purchase. We’ll provide you with an estimated total, which will include/inclusive of any shipping charges and taxes. If you update your order, select the "Update Cart" button to see an updated estimated order total for your cart.

If there are other items you like to purchase, fill in the blank box on the upper right portion of the website with a PCM part number of the product you like to buy, then “+Quick Add” button to include additional items to your existing cart. Or click "Save for Later" button below the product name on the list and you can come back to the “View Cart” to view your Save for Later items. If you would like to add the quantity of particular items that you would like to purchase, just key in how many items you will purchase on the Quantity box that corresponds to the product on the list then click “Update” button.

When you’re ready to buy the items in your cart, select the "Proceed to Checkout" button.

2. Sign in

If you already have a PCM account, sign in using your existing PCM ID and password.

If you are a new user, create an account by entering (or typing in) your email address/ to the designated box.

If you have questions about your PCM ID, password, or account visit the Your Account section of online help.

3. Enter billing and shipping information

In order to process your order, we’ll need you to enter both your billing address and shipping address. Your billing address and shipping address should match the information on your credit card account. We do not accept PO Box or international addresses. Shipping addresses for all U.S. orders should be within the 50 states. All of your items will be shipped to the shipping address you specify.

You will be able to choose your shipping method when you verify your order.

For more information on Billing and Shipping, visit the Payment & Pricing and Shipping & Delivery sections of online Help.

4. Select a payment method

To find out what Payment methods are accepted at PCM, visit the Payment & Pricing section of online help. Make sure that your payment method matches the billing information you have entered and that you include the appropriate security code for a credit or debit card.

5. Complete checkout

Once we have all your item, billing, shipping, and payment information, you’re ready to complete check out. Review your order and personal information to ensure it’s accurate, and when you’re ready to purchase, select the "Place Order" button.

Once you’ve placed your order, you will be taken to an Order Confirmation page that will contain a summary of your order, including your Web Order Number. Please print this page for your files. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail once your order has been processed. You’ll receive a Shipment Notification email as each of your items ship.

The e-mails will contain links to online Order Status. Log in using your PCM ID and password to check order status, track a shipment, print an invoice, and more. You can also view a summary of orders you’ve placed with us.

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In addition, we offer world class procurement and logistics, IT consulting, and implementation services delivered through over 1200 technical professionals. Whether you want to deploy tablets securely or move your data center to the cloud, PCM-G is here to make it happen. Our Services experts will collaborate with you to understand your requirements and provide tailored services to allow your organization to lower costs, increase agility, improve efficiency and succeed in today's global economy and beyond.

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