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Case Study: Mobile Device Deployment Enhances Data Security

Seeing an opportunity to boost their competitive advantage, a global financial institution turned to our Services Team for help speeding up their mobile device deployment processes and enhancing their data security.


Customer Challenge

A global financial institution based in the Midwest needed a solution to provide secure data access to employees in the field using mobile devices. With the rapid expansion in the form of acquisitions and mergers in the banking industry, along with the explosive growth of mobile device use, they needed to be more efficient in their device preparation and deployment to remain competitive — all while ensuring data security.


Services Solution

Our Services Team met with the customer to investigate how they were deploying mobile devices. Once we understood their process, we outlined several methods to significantly enhance their data security capabilities while reducing the time from initial order to device delivery to an employee. These strategies included a streamlined approval process, an on-hand stock of units, a managed device image/deployment process, and a trained support staff for administering these devices.


Our Services Team assisted with the development of a process that allows for rapid deployment of devices to employees. It gives the customer the flexibility to make changes to the core operating system and rapidly scale when needed without sacrificing the consistency of a managed process.


Business Results

The customer's primary goals were to increase efficiency and strengthen their data security when providing secure data access to employees using mobile devices. Our Services Team met these goals by designing an integrated workflow for mobile device ordering, configuration, and deployment. Our Services Team also trained the customer’s IT staff, empowering them to maintain this process and make incremental changes as required in the future.


With an integrated and managed workflow, a trained support staff, and rapid turn-around, the customer can quickly scale deployment to meet business needs and review the total environment with unprecedented granularity and thoroughness.


Services Solutions Provided

  • Strategic Workflow Consulting and Implementation
  • Device Management and Deployment Consulting and Implementation

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