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Refurbishment Services

Disposal of electronic equipment, such as old computers, monitors and printers, is becoming a bigger problem every day. Companies must consider many issues such as EPA compliance and ensure that sensitive data is completely erased and destroyed. There may also be overlooked value in redeploying or selling existing equipment.


PCM can help you manage the end-of-life processes of your technology hardware and IT assets while meeting strict internal, governmental, environmental or third-party compliance standards. We work with you to plan the practices and policies for redeployment, reselling, data destruction, recycling and disposal, including:


Asset Disposal & Re-marketing

Many IT assets have residual market value, so we can work with you to maximize any remaining value. And, for any equipment that is obsolete or beyond repair, we’ll work with you to dispose of it within all current environmental laws and regulations.


  • Physical audit and market value assessment
  • Audit reporting including make, model, and serial numbers for MLA reporting
  • Hard drives will be erased and overwritten
  • Inspection and preparation of equipment that is set to be redeployed
  • Auctioning equipment to the highest bidder
  • EPA-compliant recycling and disposal services
  • Transfer of title will be provided


Data Wiping & Destruction

Old technology destined for lease return, re-marketing, or recycling still can contain highly sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, employee information, customer records, and financial data. We’ll work with you to meet your unique requirements and protect your organization from the risks and liabilities associated with IT disposal.


  • Standard DoD wipe, including random 1/0 patterns on drives intended for re-use
  • Full data destruction via hard drive shredding
  • On-site and off-site options available to meet your security and budgetary needs
  • Deeper audits, including make, model, serial, and configuration for re-marketing
  • Certificates of destruction



Our nationwide coverage allows us to handle your IT asset management needs for locations across the entire country. We’ll work with you to get your materials delivered faster and more cost-effectively than handling it on your own.


  • Packing and picking up of all equipment
  • Managing the schedule for the pickup and disposal of equipment
  • Providing a physical audit of all items received


PCM offers waste-free, worry-free recycling and re-marketing of your aging IT assets. We enable you to maximize the value of your assets while you gain more time to focus on essential activities that are critical to your business.


We ensure:

  • Secure disposal through an auditable chain-of-custody
  • Data destruction to DoD 5220.22-M standards
  • EPA- and RCRA-compliance with audit reporting
  • Minimization of environmental and legal risks associated with e-waste
  • Managed logistics and transportation
  • Top return on assets with remaining value

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