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Procurement & Logistics Services

PCM takes the hassles out of IT procurement and logistics with advanced e-procurement, warehousing and integration systems providing clients the tools and resources to reduce costs and track assets across the technology lifecycle. Customer portals provide standardized configurations and quick access to our catalog of over 1,700 leading manufactures and tier-one technology suppliers for fast procurement and competitive prices. With the ability to integrate into your ERP system, the Workflow Manager feature quickly processes quotes through a­ flexible and authorized approval process with shipping and integration services provided through our nationwide warehouses. Bottom Line – PCM Procurement & Logistics Services will help you to optimize your investments in technology through standardization, efficiencies and end-to-end lifecycle processes.

Available Services:


Enhance your procurement process through our web-based e-procurement tools. You’ll have access to hardware and software from over 1,700 leading manufacturers and publishers. You’ll realize tangible results ranging from cost savings to improved SLAs.


Our facilities are fully staffed with logistics professionals who can get you your products when and where you need it with competitive pricing and the assurance of delivery that our many years of experience provides.

Distribution Facilities

We have three warehousing locations to provide improved shipping and deployment times for projects that require a national reach. Use for storage of constrained products, deployment of products that may spread out over several months, redeployments and equipment refreshes.

Product Staging Services

PCM can pre-configure any type of hardware prior to deployment in one of our Integration Centers. We can service your desktops, laptops, servers, network hardware, routers, switches, mobile devices, Point of Sale equipment, Apple systems and iOS devices as well as provide custom shrink-wrapped kitting.


PCM can image your systems using a variety of software platforms, based on your system requirements. Our segregated and secure production network is set up for Gigabit Ethernet, so we can image many systems from our image server in a short period of time.


We have three Integration Centers across the nation, in Columbus, OH; Memphis, TN and Irvine, CA. The facilities and operations of our Integration Centers are ISO 9001:2008 compliant, demonstrating the focus on quality management we bring to each of our clients' projects.

Refurbishment Services

Manage end-of-life processes of your technology hardware and IT assets while meeting strict internal, governmental, environmental or third-party compliance standards. PCM will work with you to plan the practices and policies for redeployment, reselling, data destruction, recycling and disposal.


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