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Symantec Mobile Solutions

If you use, manage, or provide connectivity to mobile devices, you face unique challenges for security and management. As the number of malicious threats that touch mobile devices grow exponentially, Symantec is here to help as its mobile strategy focuses on managing and securing the world’s devices no matter who you are, where you are, or what device you are using.

What We Can Do

Regardless of the number of devices, Symantec can scale from just one to millions, meeting the demands of enterprises and communication service providers. Symantec provides the first unified security and management solution, supporting the most popular mobile operating platforms such as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android with centralized management to ensure your resources are optimized and information stays protected.

Symantec protection mechanisms leverage the industry-leading Symantec Global Intelligence Network to deliver an unparalleled view of the entire Internet threat landscape.

Enterprise: Gain Visbility and Control of All Mobile Platforms

With Symantec Mobile Security and Management for Enterprises, you can:  

  • Gain visibility and control of all of your mobile devices
  • Extend enterprise security to mobile devices  
  • Allow your users to use their mobile device of choice for business purposes
Symantec allows enterprises to embrace consumerization with the following management solutions across all mobile platforms:

Symantec Mobile Management  
Symantec Mobile Management increases IT efficiency with over-the-air deployment of applications and updates, improves user productivity by managing mobile device health, and integrates with Symantec Mobile Security products to manage and secure mobile devices throughout their lifecycles. Functionalities such as password policies, remote wipe, and device feature control help keep corporate data safe.

Symantec Mobile Management supports iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows® Mobile, and Symbian™ devices all through a single management platform.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile Edition
Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile Edition offers comprehensive protection for Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphones against malicious threats with award-winning antivirus technology, an advanced firewall, and SMS antispam features. Endpoint Protection Mobile Edition ensures protection of mobile assets and maintenance of compliance requirements. In addition, Symantec LiveUpdate™ ensures up-to-date virus definitions and product updates.

Symantec Network Access Control Mobile Edition
Symantec Network Access Control Mobile Edition works with Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile Edition to enforce compliance with security policies and ensures that only secure, policy-compliant devices can access the network and email. Symantec Network Access Control supports Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphones, and provides over-the-air centralized management and reporting.

Communication Service Providers" Improve Network Strength and Experience

With Symantec Next Generation Network Protection,communication service providers can:  

  • Offer enterprises the ability to extend their IT policies to all mobile devices, regardless of operating system or form factor
  • Protect their infrastructures from security threats  
  • Reduce network infrastructure costs by eliminating mobile malware, viruses, and spam

Symantec allows enterprises to embrace consumerization with the following management solutions across all mobile platforms:

Next Generation Network Protection  
Next Generation Network Protection is a device-agnostic security offering for communication service providers that helps your enterprise customers protect their mobile devices through content control, device security, and clean connectivity. Content control enforces Web content policies for all mobile handsets as well as mobile data cards. Device security provides malware protection, antispyware protection, infected notification, and remediation tools. Clean connectivity scans all inbound and outbound traffic, which provides a malware-, spam-, and virus-free connection.

Consumers: Protected Identity and Personal Data

With Norton Mobile Security, you can:  

  • Prevent strangers from using your phone in case of loss or theft
  • Protect your privacy and the personal information on your phone  
  • Detect and eliminate mobile threats before they infect your device

Symantec allows enterprises to embrace consumerization with the following management solutions across all mobile platforms:

Norton Mobile Security  
Norton Mobile Security protects your mobile device and the information on it. If your mobile device is lost, stolen, or its SIM card removed, you can remotely disable your mobile device to prevent thieves from using it or accessing your private information. You can even remotely delete all of your personal information so cybercriminals can’t use it to steal your identity or anything else of importance. Norton Mobile Security antimalware features protect your phone against mobile threats and misbehaving applications without negatively impacting the performance of your phone.

How can PCM help me get started?

By partnering with PCM, we will support you through all phases of the Secure Mobility lifecycle, from assessing and building your strategy through implementing and supporting a solution. You benefit from the best practices generated by the experience of our 700 certified engineers, technicians and project managers as well as through our partnerships with industry leaders like Cisco, Lenovo, and more.

PCM offers Mobile Device Management services to assist you in developing a comprehensive Secure Mobility plan including:
  • Assessment, Planning & Deployment Services
  • Security Management Services
  • Deployment Services
  • Help Desk Services
  • Training Services

Contact your Account Executive at 1-800-700-1000 to learn more.

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