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What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile technology is changing how we conduct business. Not only has there been an increase in the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops, but the number of organizations adopting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies has skyrocketed. And to complicate matters, employees now expect to be able to access their business applications — email, contacts, calendars, SharePoint, CRM and other portals — on these devices from any location and any time of the day.

The priority for IT departments has become to identify the requirements needed to secure and support these mobile devices. They recognize their organization can gain a competitive edge with mobile devices when the proper security policies and procedures are in place. And, they can satisfy the user through profile-configured VPN and network access, so they no longer have to hunt for corporate access and Wi-Fi keys.

Mobile device use and security must be carefully managed in order to protect the security of both your organization’s physical assets and its sensitive information. According to an Info-Tech Research study, up to 30% of mobile devices are lost or stolen along with their corporate data and intellectual property. In a BYOD environment, every misplaced smartphone, tablet, or laptop is a potential gateway to your sensitive systems. When users can access and modify data on unsecured devices, it creates additional risks for information control, malware, data corruption, and theft.

With more than twenty years experience and dedicated processes, we are at the top of the game. The entire process is managed and maintained wholly within PCM, which makes us a true single-source provider. Plus, our comprehensive service offerings cover the entire mobility process, from pre-deployment planning through device management and on to lifecycle management.

Deployment: Leveraging our Integration and Distribution Centers we help efficiently receive, image, ship and deploy your mobile devices.

  • Product Management
  • Kitting
  • Imaging
  • Pick & Ship

Management: By leveraging an MDM solution, you can standardize application and policy settings across all devices regardless of manufacturer, model, owner of the device, geographical location, and more.

  • Enrollment
  • Configuration
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Change Management

Service Desk Support: Includes both end-user support and device hardware support. Our U.S.-based Service desk technicians take your calls, answer questions and provide expert advice with all aspects of your Enterprise Mobility Management service.

  • Hardware Support
  • Lifecycle Services
  • Application Support
  • Enterprise Services

Lifecycle Management: The managed inventory of corporate-owned mobile devices and the complete inventory of employee-owned devices provides the foundation for standardized configuration, device support, and policy enforcement throughout the entire Enterprise.

  • Asset Management
  • Activation & Reporting
  • Managed Replacement
  • Build Management

We stand at the forefront of Mobility Management Solutions, and we’re ready to help you gain control of this rapidly changing environment.

PCMG stands ready to help you develop a Secure Mobility strategy for your organization. Our Secure Mobility Workshop is designed to guide your organization through the entire process of reviewing the factors that can influence a successful deployment as it relates to secure mobility and Mobile Device Management (MDM). The workshop is custom-tailored to your specific needs and consists of 3 to 5 days divided into phases.

Phase 1: Analysis

  • Environmental analysis
  • Infrastructure analysis

Phase 2: Education

  • Capabilities
  • Limitations
  • Processes

Phase 3: Scenarios

  • Business integration
  • Security
  • Collaboration
  • App Development
  • Policies
  • MDM Solutions Comparison

Phase 4: Review

  • Environmental recommendations
  • MDM solution recommendations

Phase 5: Policies

  • Existing policy review
  • Policy workshop

PCMG can empower your team to understand the possibilities of MDM and determine the key requirements for a successful Proof of Concept for your particular business environment. During the course of the Workshop, your staff will receive the following deliverables:

  • MDM Overview covering the capabilities of device management focused on devices in a corporate-owned configuration
  • MDM Configuration Options with information on things that can be enabled or restricted via MDM
  • MDM Draft Policies and Policies 

Data Sheet:
 Mobile Device Management

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