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Integration Services

At PCMG, our focus is on helping our clients achieve improvements in business operations. With our Configuration Services, PCMG has the facilities, tools, processes and people to streamline the integration and configuration steps of your next technology deployment freeing up resources for your IT staff.


We have three Integration Centers across the U.S. in Columbus, OH; Memphis, TN and Irvine, CA. Because these centers occupy dedicated space within our warehouse buildings, we can provide all the services you need to meet your deployment schedule, including receiving, storing, integrating, configuration, asset tagging, tracking, and logistics. Our Integration Centers are fully ISO 9001:2008 compliant, demonstrating the focus on quality management we bring to each project.


Image Development and Management

Our Integration Centers can image your systems using a variety of software platforms, such as Ghost, WIM, or IUB, based on your specific requirements. Our segregated and secure production network is set up for Gigabit Ethernet, so we can image many systems from our image server in a very short period of time. The accuracy of the image deployed is guaranteed by our First Article Build process. This documented process mandates the creation of a system or systems built with your customized image and the development of step by step configuration instructions to be followed in the image deployment process. The system(s) and the deployment instructions are then sent to you for evaluation and approval. After we get your approval, we place the image onto the authorized production image server and publish the instructions on our internal quality system site.


All image loads require supervisory personnel to inspect each installation. Additionally, we use an automated electronic data collection process, which verifies that the correct load was downloaded to each system.


Asset Tagging and Reporting

Asset Tagging and Reporting is a service that can be customized to your requirements. It provides for the placement of a specially created asset tag on a system unit and/or packaging. This also includes the creation of asset tracking reports using either software supplied by you or an Excel spreadsheet. The service can be customized to include the creation of specialized bar code labeling if needed.


Device Configuration

When you partner with us, we can pre-configure any type of hardware prior to deployment at our Integration Centers:

  • Desktops, laptops, and servers
  • Network hardware, routers, and switches
  • Mobile devices, including tablets
  • Point of Sale (POS) equipment
  • Apple systems and iOS devices
  • Custom shrink-wrapped kitting

Device Activation

We can activate wireless devices like iPad, notebooks and POS systems as well as other mobile devices and computer systems prior to shipping so you can be ready to go right out of the box.

View our Case Studies

Click on the case study below to learn how the PCMG Services organization has assisted in our customer's success.

Project Management Services Aids Rural Community with Technology Initiative

Having received a sizable grant to supply rural and urban communities with technology and training, Technology For All and its Texas Connects Coalition teamed up with the Services Team to help handle the project's procurement, asset tagging, and logistics demands.

Pet Supply Retailer Deploys JAMF Casper Suite to Help Monitor Compliance

Realizing that their creative team's Mac systems lacked a management strategy, a large pet supply retailer tapped our Services Team for a solution. Our two-pronged approach included deploying the JAMF Casper Suite and training their IT staff on how to effectively administer Apple systems.


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