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Case Study: Digital Signage for Beverage Manufacturer

The Services organization was tapped by an international beverage maker to help them acquire nearly 50 digital displays that could survive a whirlwind marketing tour across the nation in the middle of summer. And — they needed them in less than 30 days.


Customer Challenge

Our customer is an international beverage manufacturer with worldwide distribution in over 20 countries. The company was planning a nationwide promotional road show tour across the United States, and they needed large format digital displays to support their multimedia messaging campaign. Each road show would be held in an outdoor tent, and the entire production would be transported between venues by tractor trailers.


Our customer contacted us 30 days prior to the kickoff of their tour with a challenge: they needed 48 displays for the event, and they needed them immediately. After conferring with our Digital Signage Technical Consultant about where and how the displays would be used, we determined that the right displays would have to meet two primary criteria. First, they would need to be portable and sturdy enough to survive the nationwide tour. Second, they needed to be durable enough to withstand the extreme temperatures and humidity of the outdoor weather.


Services Solution

When our customer first reached out to us, they were considering purchasing consumer-grade displays for their road show. However, our Services Team explained that there are inherent shortcomings of deploying in-home flat-panel televisions for such an event. Not only would this shorten — if not void — the manufacturer’s warranty on the displays, but using them in outdoor tents during sweltering summer heat would likely lead to failures. The only way consumer-grade displays could function reliably in such an environment is if they are housed inside climate-controlled enclosures, but the customer’s compressed timeline and budgetary constraints made this option unfeasible.


After exploring multiple options, we decided that the best solution given the constraints would be deploying NEC P402 displays. These professional-grade displays are rugged enough to handle the rigors of being transported across the country, and they have internal thermal sensors that trigger a sealed airflow system, which provided some much needed temperature and moisture resistance.


Because our staff had used these exact displays successfully in restaurants where high heat and moisture are common, they were confident in recommending them to the customer. In addition, we would be able to procure 48 units quickly enough to meet the customer’s short time frame.


Business Results

Given the tight deadline, we immediately set to work ordering the necessary displays and were able to deliver all 48 of the units to our customer with more than enough time for them to prepare the equipment for their event. Thanks to the NEC displays' industrial-strength design, they performed perfectly throughout the grueling tour. And our customer's high-definition digital signage was the star of the show, impressing everyone who stopped by to watch the presentation.


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