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PCM Configuration Center

With all your IT department has to deal with, being bogged down with configuration software or hardware on hundreds of computers should be the last thing on their list.

Here at PCM we understand how vital your IT staff is and that’s why we offer a variety of IT Configuration Services. We have 3 state-of-the art, ISO 9001:2008 Certified Integration Centers across the U.S. in Columbus, Ohio; Memphis, Tennessee; and Irvine, California. Because these centers occupy dedicated space within our warehouse buildings, we can provide all the services you need to meet your deployment schedule, including receiving, storing, integrating, configuration, asset tagging, tracking, logistics etc.

What we’ll do for you?

        • Imaging
          Our Integration Centers can image your systems using a variety of software platforms, such as Ghost, Windows Imaging File Format (WIM), or Image Ultra Builder ( IUB), based on your specific requirements. We also have the ability and network to allow direct access through VPN. Our segregated and secure production network (up to 1500 ports per facility) is set up for Gigabit Ethernet, so we can image many systems in a very short period of time. PCM images over 55,000 systems each year!
        • Asset Tagging
          Organizations face a significant challenge to track the location, quantity, condition, maintenance and depreciation status of their fixed assets. A popular approach to tracking fixed assets uses serial numbered asset tags, which are labels often with bar codes for easy and accurate reading. PCM can asset tag your hardware using your organization’s tags, PCM tags, or we can custom create a unique tag. PCM Asset Tagged over 130,000 customer units last year alone!
        • Component Installation
          PCM’s configuration services were designed to accommodate you, the customer, with our customized configuration capabilities for both hardware and software. We can pre-install your memory, hard drives, SSD’s, NIC cards, video cards, configure your network equipment, including servers, switches, cabling before your products are shipped. Our qualified Integration Center technicians are trained and certified on multiple technologies and platforms, and have also received extensive training on ISO procedures. PCM installed over 75,000 components last year in support of our clients.
        • Mobile Integration and Configuration
          The procurement, imaging, and deployment of mobile devices are a core function of the Configuration Center offering. With more than 20 years’ experience and dedicated processes, the PCM experience is the top of the game. The entire process is managed and maintained wholly within PCM, which makes us a true single-source provider. Plus, our comprehensive service offerings cover the entire mobility process, from pre-deployment planning through device management and on to lifecycle management. This service leverages PCM Integration and Distribution Centers and is designed to be scalable and repeatable for large deployments of mobile devices.
        • Break/Fix
          Spending too much time maintaining your equipment instead of leveraging it? PCM’s Break/Fix Services can help diagnose and correct problems that are keeping your workers from being productive. We provide in-house Break/Fix support for equipment ranging from traditional desktops, printers, laptops, servers, storage and networking to emerging technologies like tablets and handhelds.
        • Warehousing
          PCM has over 500,000 square feet of inventory space. Our facilities are fully staffed with logistics professionals, project managers, technicians and operations experts. Our on-site security team is there around the clock to provide the necessary controls for the protection of our clients’ assets and physical inventory. PCM's Product Staging Services can help you with a successful implementation of your next project by assuring the consistency of the configurations across all your deployment locations. We can get your product to you when and where you need it.




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Integration and Configuration
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