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Next Generation Networks - Scalable, Secure, Efficient, Data Driven.

Effectively secure and manage your network, no matter the complexity
Your network is the critical infrastructure which must provide the scale, resiliency, quality of service and security to connect your end point devices to information so your business imperatives can be achieved. PCM understands end points can be traditional computers and laptops, but also IP phones, cameras, video conferencing, mobile devices or even IOT devices. We understand connectivity can be wired or wireless and information can be served from your facility or a cloud environment. Our team of certified architects can help you assess your existing infrastructure, design a network to meet your future needs, successfully implement it with certified project managers and manage it to lower your operational cost.
Next Generation Networks
The volume and variety of devices connected to networks are increasing dramatically and will only continue to multiply. Meanwhile, IT teams are trying to maximize limited budgets in an increasingly complex networking environment. With the myriad of devices and people connected to networks, threats and resources being used for subversion are on the rise. Networks must be designed to defend against the numerous security attacks while servicing users that are often outside the internal corporate network. Next Generation Networks adapt to security threats by dynamically containing them and provide the analytics to organizations to understand who is connecting to your network and what they are doing. By understanding user behavior, you can tailor your business to more effectively meet consumer needs, grow your revenue and improve your profitability.
We design networks which lower operational cost, improve security and drive revenue
PCM has successfully helped many organizations leverage networks to transcend the basic need to provide connectivity and to use the network as a profit center! Our team has successfully deployed solutions in stadiums supporting 30,000 concurrent wireless users providing them with a customized experience, on large cruise ships to provide wireless connectivity to customize the guest experience, in retail to improve revenue per customer, in healthcare to provide more reliable care, in manufacturing, aerospace, energy, finance, insurance to drive the digital experience and improve efficiency in government to improve access to information and education to improve learning.
PCM Network Solutions practices
PCM designs secure, scalable, next generation networks to support the branch office to the largest enterprise. Our practices are designed to meet the most important networking needs in organizations of all types; including:
Core Networks – Solutions to build high performance, secure, resilient datacenter class networks for either on-premise environments, hybrid cloud, or cloud centric infrastructure. Campus Networks – Solutions to connect your myriad of endpoints like PC’s, laptops, point-of-sale, digital signs or the variety of internet of things (IOT) devices such as lighting systems, healthcare devices, energy systems, etc. Collaboration – While networks provide the roads for organizations to communicate, collaboration allows people to connect to each other more effectively through voice, video and messaging. Network Security – Our team will design a comprehensive solution to help you defend against modern threats, designing security into the network, not just at the edge, but throughout the environment.
Data Center switching Wide area network Software definedMicro-segmentationNetwork Management
Campus switching Wireless RF designAnalyticsIOT
IP call management Video conferencing Contact center Team messaging Hosted Collaboration
Next-generation firewall Intrusion Prevention Secure access Identify management Anti-malware protection
PCM Network Solutions Process
PCM’s networking practice is built on a lifecycle methodology, which delivers success. During the Assess period, we leverage tools and experts to quantify your environment. In the Design phase, we leverage the knowledge gained during the Assess phase, learn your business imperatives, identify the latest technology to meet your imperatives and provide a future proof design. Once the design is agreed upon, we configure and Deploy the network with certified engineers and project managers. Once installed, we can Manage your network 7x24x365 leveraging ITIL process and tools to improve visibility and uptime.
Your network should be highly available, redundant and efficient in order for your employees to be productive. We have a team of experts ready to provide network solutions to your exact specifications. Sit back, relax, and let PCM handle the rest.
Next Generation Networks featuring the Cisco Catalyst 9000 and DNA Center.
With tens of billions of end-of-life gear such as the Catalyst 3000, 4000, 6000 and 6500, you need to move to the latest technology designed to support IOT and Security with operational cost savings of up to 70% yearly.
White Paper
Next Generation Networks from PCM and CISCO

How can you lower the cost of managing network infrastructure in this increasingly complex world? There are no straight answers. Very few have embarked on this journey, confident that the solution chosen will be able to scale as the enterprise grows, and deter the many security threats that come its way. In this regard, Cisco’s new Digital Network Architecture (DNA) has been developed keeping technological breakthroughs in mind.

This white paper discusses how the hardware and software components of the solution can help enterprises modernize their network and align with a rapidly-developing digital paradigm.


Network Security



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