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Apple Suport Services

Apple Support Services

With surveys showing that 68% of businesses are willing to allow their employees to choose Mac systems, Apple hardware is becoming more and more popular in the enterprise. While matching PCs for general office use, Apple systems running Mac OS X excel in video and graphic environments. They are extremely flexible and can be configured to run software from all providers, yet they offer a lower total cost of ownership than PCs.


PCM is ready to support your company’s decision to use Apple products. Not only can we provide the hardware and software, our team of Apple Consulting Engineers can even manage its installation, configuration and deployment. And with the explosion of mobile devices like Apple’s iPhone and iPad we can help show you how to securely manage these deployments and decrease IT’s involvement by enabling them to make granular or broad updates, changes and setting adjustments over the air – all without any user interaction.


Hardware Configuration

Thanks to PCM’s relationships with Apple and other vendors, we can provide the full line of Apple Macintosh® hardware, including the Mac mini, MacBook®, MacBook Pro, iMac®, Mac Pro, and a host of upgrades and add-ons. As with any other line of products, we can fully configure Apple hardware and apply asset tracking tags so that your deployment is ready for use.


Installation and Configuration

Using such tools as DeployStudio, System Image Utility, JAMF Software’s Casper, and Netboot, we provide custom images with auditable install logs to track all additions to the base system, including applications, users, and system configurations. Our Apple systems can be configured to exacting specifications and fully approved by you before the deployment begins.


Directory Integration

Systems running the Mac OS X operating system will work in any directory services environment. Depending on your needs, we can configure systems to work on their own, manage them from a Mac-based server, or bind them to a third party directory service. The options within an Active Directory or Linux/UNIX environment range from simply allowing network logins or managing Mac systems with a supplemental Mac OS X Server to extending the Active Directory or OpenLDAP Server to support Mac systems natively.


In any case, PCM can enforce MCX policies that are the equivalent of Active Directory Group Policies. These limit what applications can be run and who can log in on which computers, as well as enforcing security policies like passwords and screen saver locks.



Mac OS X systems can run most major applications natively, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook with the latest version of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. They also support the Adobe Creative Suite, FileMaker, and a huge portfolio of open source options. Apple even publishes a number of their own titles, such as iLife, iWork, and the Final Cut Studio® media creation suite.


For specialized applications that do not run natively, there are a number of virtualization options from VMware and Parallels. They allow clients to run various versions of Windows and their native applications side by side with Mac OS X applications.



In conjunction with your staff, we can use Apple Remote Desktop™ and Directory Service integration to enforce policies, manage upgrades, and push configuration changes to client workstations. This includes security and password policies, application configurations, and software updates. Clients running Mac OS X Server can take advantage of the software update service to more readily apply updates and control which ones are available to their users.


Managed Services

We can deploy Apple Certified staff on-site at your location to supplement your IT staff. All of these Managed Services staff members have earned their Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) and Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) certifications. ACSP ensures competence in client support while ACTC does the same for server support.


At least 25% of the Tier 1 support staff at our 24/7/365 U.S.-based help desk have earned their ACSP, and many of them have their ACTC. The Tier 2 and 3 support is made up of Apple Certified System Administrators (ACSAs) who have earned the highest level of Apple Technical Certification, and many are also Xsan® Certified Administrators.


PCM can supplement Apple’s AppleCare® extended warranty to provide faster turnarounds on questions and software issues while still taking advantage of hardware repairs in the agreement.



As with other types of systems, PCM can assist with rotating down aging equipment to less demanding tasks and their eventual sales, donation or recycling. We apply our standard data security policies to Apple systems including stringent NSA and DoD standards for hard drive erasure.



Xsan is Apple’s high-performance storage and file sharing technology geared towards video and audio production. This package can also be used for large shared storage that can be made accessible by any network client. PCM offers the full Xsan package of hardware, software, setup and support. And, we have multiple Apple Certified Xsan Administrators on staff to customize a solution for you.



Apple’s iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad are among the fastest-selling devices in the industry, and IT departments need assistance in managing these popular devices. They can be configured and deployed with many of the same options as full-fledged computers, and PCM can enforce your policies on these devices and provide users with applications.



With two Apple Certified Trainers on staff, we can provide technical training and certification tests for our clients and their IT staff. These classes can range from an introduction to Mac OS X, including client and server configuration basics, to advanced topics such as directory services, deployment, security and mobility topics.


Apple technologies offer many great solutions for organizations. Through the expertise of our Apple Consulting Engineers, PCM can show you how to manage these deployments, enhance productivity and decrease IT involvement. Our credentials are unbeatable and we’re committed to working with you and supporting your Apple needs. Contact your PCM Account Executive today.


  • Apple Corporate Reseller
  • Apple Authorized Service Provider
  • Apple Certified Product Professional
  • Apple Certified Support Professional
  • Apple Certified Specialist - Directory Services
  • Apple Certified Specialist - Deployment
  • Apple Certified Specialist - Security & Mobility
  • Apple Certified System Administrator
  • Apple Certified Xsan Administrator
  • Apple Certified Trainer


View our Case Studies

Click on the case study below to learn how the PCM Services organization has assisted in our customer's success.

Global Staffing Agency Deploys Apple Laptops into Workplace and Turns to Services Team for Integration and Training

When a global staffing agency decided to deploy Apple laptops into their Windows-based IT environment, they turned to our Services Team for Mac OS training and an integration solution.

Electronics Company Installs New Video SAN Solution to Increase Productivity

Realizing that a patchwork SAN system was choking their productivity, a large consumer electronics company contacted our Services Team to design and implement a solution to speed up their video editing processes.

Commercial Bank Unifies Mac and PC Users Through a Workflow-Based Imaging System

Realizing that their existing Mac computer imaging processes lacked consistency, a large commercial bank contacted our Services Team to create a workflow-based imaging solution that would unify the end-user experience.

Apple Client Management Centralizes Management of Mac Systems for a Financial Services Company

Faced with an expanding base of Apple computers, an international financial services company reached out to our Services team for a smarter way to configure, deploy and manage their Mac® systems.

Beauty Products Manufacturer Updates OS and Software of Mac Computers

An international beauty products manufacturer needed help updating their Mac computers to the latest operating systems and design software — and they needed it done without disrupting their busy production schedule. Our Services Team burned the midnight oil and completed the project in record time.

Apple Support Services Helps Admin Services Company Install Mac Systems

Realizing that they had a number of Apple computers but no processes for managing them, an administrative services company needed help in developing an efficient way to configure, deploy and manage their Mac® systems.

Automated Apple Integration Trims Deployment Times to Minutes

After giving their employees the option of working on Apple computers, a large financial services company asked our Services Team for help automating the deployment process. We were able to streamline the entire process, trimming the deployment time from hours to minutes.

Pet Supply Retailer Deploys JAMF Casper Suite to Help Monitor Compliance

Realizing that their creative team's Mac systems lacked a management strategy, a large pet supply retailer tapped our Services Team for a solution. Our two-pronged approach included deploying the JAMF Casper Suite and training their IT staff on how to effectively administer Apple systems.

Apple Server Update & Directory Services Troubleshooting

After battling with persistent directory services issues, a private education institution contacted our Services Team for help working out their server problems. Along with resolving the immediate issues, we also updated their server with the latest OS X software.


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