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Case Study: Beauty Products Manufacturer Updates OS and Software of Mac Computers

An international beauty products manufacturer needed help updating their Mac computers to the latest operating systems and design software — and they needed it done without disrupting their busy production schedule. Our Services Team burned the midnight oil and completed the project in record time.


Customer Challenge

An international beauty products company uses print and video for marketing, education, and advertising. Its team of designers use Mac® computers to breathe life into their creative initiatives, and their busy schedule could not be interrupted with long downtimes for operating system and application updates. Additionally, the internal support team for this group of Mac systems was remote, which made large projects like system backups and imaging difficult and time consuming.

These Mac workstations were running a mixture of versions 10.5 and 10.6 of Mac OS X® and had various versions of Microsoft Office and Adobe Create Suite installed. The customer wanted all of these computers running the same version of the operating system and applications software.


Services Solution

Our Services Team was able to complete the upgrade of 16 systems in two sessions of mostly after-hours work. Once backups were complete, our Services Team worked with the customer's in-house staff to load a basic image of Mac OS X v10.6, named the computers, configured their networking, bound them to the corporate Active Directory domain, installed their management agent, restored the user accounts, and tested each system.


Additionally, all systems were checked for application versions and updated as necessary. Old versions of applications were cleaned up to prevent confusion for users and any possible file compatibility issues. Lastly, additional RAM was installed in some of the computers.


Business Results

The impact to the users of these systems was minimal. Our Services Team brought in the necessary hardware to back up multiple systems simultaneously. The majority of the work was performed between 3:00 p.m. and midnight so that the people who used these computers on a daily basis lost, at most, two hours of computer time.


What's more, our customer can now manage future updates remotely through their management suite, knowing that all the computers are starting from a known good state.


Services Solutions Provided

  • Memory Upgrades
  • Backups of All Client Computers
  • Operating System and Application Upgrades
  • Active Directory Binding

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