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Case Study: Pet Supply Retailer Deploys JAMF Casper Suite to Help Monitor Compliance

Faced with an expanding base of Apple computers, an international financial services company reached out to our Services team for a smarter way to configure, deploy and manage their Mac systems.


Customer Challenge

Realizing that their creative team's Mac systems lacked a management strategy, a large pet supply retailer tapped our Services Team for a solution. Our two-pronged approach included deploying the JAMF Casper Suite and training their IT staff on how to effectively administer Apple systems.


For many years, the Mac users had to handle their own IT issues. They had a wide variety of software, no restrictions on computer functionality, and no oversight in terms of licenses and user rights. In conjunction with the wide open client situation, the IT team was not well versed in Mac OS® X. As a result, these Mac workstations were not held to the corporate standards in terms of anti-virus, encryption, or data loss prevention.


Recently, the IT services for the company had been outsourced, and the new IT management realized that this situation was not sustainable. They needed some consistency in the Apple systems, ways to limit data loss, and standards for making sure that the Mac systems met all the corporate security requirements.


Services Solution

To meet these requirements, our Services Team suggested the Casper Suite from JAMF Software along with a software refresh on all the clients. Using their existing licenses, we built a standard image to bring all the Mac computers to the same software level and enrolled them in the Casper management suite.


The Casper imaging process includes the operating system, common applications, a standard local administrator account, and Active Directory binding. Other specialized software is distributed automatically via the Casper Policies to the proper systems. This solution also provides the users with a self-service portal to install optional applications, run maintenance scripts, and access company resources.


Business Results

After imaging, the Mac users are now held to the same password policies as the Windows users; the users log in with their AD credentials as standard users, and the Mac systems have the same versions of software across the business. The Casper solution inventories the systems regularly to monitor compliance with company policy and can automatically solve some discrepancies.


The image rollout was done in phases so that only a few workstations were down at a time. This assured that the circulars would still get out on time, and the pilot group of users would find any bugs before entire departments were impacted. The customer's IT staff was involved throughout this process, from the initial assessment to the solution setup and through the final rollout. Along the way, we made sure to explain and teach as much as we could so that they could take over the solution once we finished.


The customer's IT staff has now taken over running the management tools and handling software updates on their own. They now own their solution.


Services Solutions Provided

  • Installation and configuration of Casper Suite by JAMF Software
  • Building a standard image for Mac OS X clients
  • Binding Mac clients to the company's Active Directory
  • Building a self-servicing portal for users for installing applications, running maintenance scripts, and access to internal resources

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